The Spyder ECG, the worlds smallest wearable continuos ECG sensor.

1. Enterprise version for health care facilities.

2. All data is transmitted directly from user in a continous fashion to a cloud database.

3. Allows multiple users to transmit simultaneously to the same database at any one time
    from any location with cellular or wifi connection.

4. Paired smartphone allows user direct visualization of personal ECG, rhythm and
    heart rate,with
interactive menu for time stamping of symptoms.

5. Spyder ECG wearable is fully self manageble by user.

6. Backend web-based interface for easy logging of patient data with full clinical
    reporting interface

  Clinical use:

    a) Full replacement value for long term holter ECG and can be used for
        non-invasive continous monitoring for weeks on a single user.

    b) Increased sensitivity for pickup of infrequent arrhythmias such as paroxysmal
        AF as diagnostic data is several fold greater ( up to 2 weeks ) than traditional 24
        hour holter.

    c) Device can be easily applied prior to patient visiting the doctor, e.g. test can be
        'front-loaded' from the emergency room prior to patient visiting a cardiac center,
        saving patients multiple visits to health care facility.

    d) Large scale community screening for atrial fibrillation.

    e) Monitoring of arrhythmias in Clinical Trials.

    f) Smart Home-based telemetric and monitoring system.

Please do contact us for clinical use scenarios; system is highly scalable with possibilities for health care facilities or CROs managing anywhere from a few sets up to a 100 sets with full data disclosure/records to the health care provider.

Clinical Update
Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Detection Should Take Priority After Cryptogenic Stroke. Two new studies show a high detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) with prolonged electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring in patients who have had a cryptogenic stroke.
EMBRACE AF Investigators
CRYSTAL AF Investigators

Spyder ECG provides the longest self-manageable non-implantable continuous monitoring in the market, enhancing the detection of AF.

Atrial Fibrillation Overview
(Video at 3:45" shows AF starts with infrequent episodes initially called Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation)

Spyder ECG System: Overview Video

1) World’s first cable-free, fully digital continuous ECG recording system that is self-manageable.

2) Utilises mobile technology for data transfer allowing remote and real time transmission over long
    distances, even across borders.

3) Longest non-invasive continuos ECG recording system in the market ( continuously up to
    1 -2 weeks
), enhancing diagnosis of infrequent arrhythmias.

4) Robust cloud based storage and report generation in a secure environment.

5) Data and reports can be isolated and integrated with existing EHR databases in large health

6) Only ECG system with personal viewing of ECG and full disclosure of ECG data to health care

7) As ECG data can be banked centrally, system is ideal for gathering real-time remote ECG data for
    multi-center, multi-location large cohort drug or device clinical studies.

  • Spyder
  • The current Spyder ECG solution is designed to replace existing Holter monitoring, Transtelephonic monitoring, Event monitoring and function as a non-implantable loop recorder.
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  • DoctorSpyder
  • DoctorSpyder secure login interface for physician use.
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